2023-07-29 - We could not keep this monster alive if it weren't for JPI VIO-LENS KOMMAND bastards that joined forces with us to keep the madness ongoing. Future is unknown but certain is death! More soon to come.
2023-06-19 - well, another crack on our path, we agreed on marcelo the band needed a pause. And sadly bruno left the band. So we are back again by ourselves, vik and I. So we will see what we can do. In the meantime the recordings are done and will be available sooner or later by the labels involved. Otherwise we will release the stuff under Extreme Resurrection Records. I hope some day you can come back bruno, we will miss you.
2022-11-1 - Thanks to Metallian Onslaugth Records from Chile, now Inwards Lunacy EP is available on tape! Get in touch to get your copy!
2022-06-29 - Finally Goat Vomit Productions was able to release our, now not that new, EP entitled "No Human Heritage" . Soon will be available through our own distro, in the meantime get in touch with the label.
2021-01-1 - Marcelo joined as drummer so Pheretrum strikes back again, quite fast ah? He was known from project like BEATRIZ CARNICERO,HAKAI. We are rehearsing and creating more death madness. Our next EP is fully done too and another one is in the process of recording. Next steps, to record another EP but with Marcelo. Those interested in our stuff don't forget to write to us!

The very first band in uruguay to recreate the old extreme agression when all forgot the real essence of extreme metal.