The very first band in uruguay to recreate the old extreme agression when all forgot the real essence of extreme metal.

Pheretrum was formed in 2009 in order to play death metal in the old vein. Years have passed and the band evolved in some ways. Our influences come from ancient thrash and death from every part of the world but we try to have our own identity, at this point we have achieved almost the speed, madness and chaos we were looking for since the begining, is a must to reach our final path and we are on our way!

Pheretrum fue formado en el 2009 con la intención de hacer death metal en la vieja vena. Años han pasado y la banda a evolucionado en algún sentido. Nuestras influencias provienen del antiguo thrash y death de todas partes del mundo pero tratamos de tener nuestra propia identidad, en éste momento hemos casi alcanzado la velocidad, locura y caos que estábamos buscando desde el comienzo, es un deber alcanzar nuestro último camino y estamos lográndolo!

Joe Red - Session Drummer
Bruno Pastorelli - Guitar
Virginia Aldasoro - Bass Guitar
Federico Seijo - Vocals/Guitar

Past members
Damian Acevedo - Drums
Danilo Zimermann - Guitar


  • 2010 - Rehearsal demo [sold out]
    Independently Released in CDR.

    1. Intro
    2. Sentenced Until Dying Out
    3. Rupture
    4. War
    5. No Trace of Sanity
    6. The Path to your Pheretrum
    7. Sold Baptism (Morgoth (Ger) Cover)
    8. Dawn of Eternity (Massacre (US) Cover)
    9. Slowly We Rot (Obituary (US) Cover)
    The artwork is a photography of "Tren Fantasma", Parque Rodó, Montevideo, Uruguay.

  • 2011 - Sentenced Until Dying Out Single [sold out]
    Independently released in CDR freely distributed at shows.

    1. Sentenced Until Dying Out

  • 2013 - From The Underworlds EP [sold out]

    1. The Path to your Pheretrum
    2. Forever Chaos

  • 2015 - Still Being Maggots [sold out]

    Independently released in CDR w/professional design.
    Limited to 200 copies.
    1. No Trace of Sanity
    2. Destruction
    3. Mass Acceptance
    4. Death Metal to the Grave
    5. The Path to your Pheretrum
    6. Terror Reigns
    7. Sentenced Until Dying Out
    8. Betrayers of Occult Wisdom
    9. War
    10. Forever Chaos
    11. Rupture
    12. **I Want to Know (Angkor Vat (Ury) Cover)

    13. ** Only available on tape as bonus track.
      Extracted from live show at BJ Sala, Montevideo, Uruguay (05.12.14)
    Show Lyrics
    No Trace of Sanity

    Primitive cells evolved,
    inhuman race
    rose from ashes.
    Unexpected age
    of war began,
    in which there is no escape
    from becoming a corpse.

    Giving life to
    through vital
    senses response,
    Tests will act until
    being scum looks good.
    Intensifying procedures
    Murdering every
    trace of sanity,
    Inherit the habit
    of cankering species

    Still being maggots!


    Massive destruction
    in the streets of hell.
    Occult dimensions
    break into reality
    Unimaginable, an illusion
    blows the last hope wind.
    Reign of terror,
    meaning of life dicrease.


    Preserving harmony
    becomes an inner rigid yell.
    Inconsequencial conflicts,
    universe agony.

    Sole objective,
    extinguish into oblivion
    incoherent denial,
    mental disease.


    Raise those eyes and defy
    this contract of death
    carved inside.
    Scream of hate in the skies
    unholy place awaits to die!

    Massive destruction
    in the streets of hell.
    Occult dimensions
    break into reality
    Unimaginable, an illusion
    blows the last hope wind.
    Reign of terror,
    meaning of life dicrease.


    Mass Acceptance

    Critical mass acceptance of facts
    disturbs perseption of life.
    Day by day injustice prevails
    there's no place to hide.
    Recognition of truth
    unreachable dream,
    this circle shall not finalize.
    Endless nightmare
    recursively called
    the living despise!

    Rules earesed
    Infesting the universe
    with undimensioned minds
    where the mind seems not enough
    to keep a race alive.

    Death Metal to the Grave

    Deities decided
    to bless us with death.
    Masterpieces arrived
    solidly created.

    Death is in our blood,
    insatiably beats,
    No matter if we die,
    the legacy prevails.

    Death metal to the grave

    No aeons fade death.
    No cretures can hide.
    Emerging inwards.
    Eternally sounds.

    Death metal to the grave

    The Path to your Pheretrum

    The genuine one
    lies uncorrupted.
    Feeling forced
    to crack that survivor.
    Our instinct draws near,
    dwells inside with savagery

    Tempt it to the unknown.
    Now it's the prey.
    No caskets around,
    must act fast.
    Digging the hole, blood runs.
    Smell its fears.
    Smell its fears.

    Begin to suffer,
    solve life to death.
    Decomposing matter
    innwards the occult gates.

    To recreate the path
    to your pheretrum.

    Terror Reigns

    With no god to praise
    have been isolated
    in the earth,
    possess the gift to be evil,
    then became abhorrent.

    Terror reigns

    Slain and despise,
    exterminate illusions
    of whom might ignore
    and serve malignancy.

    Here prevails,
    destroyed and destroying
    every being.
    The path has been given
    by those from beyond

    Act unknowing universal time,
    never modify visions,
    since the rules come
    from an uncertain future.

    When mother earth cries
    the labor will be accomplished.
    unique soleness
    among the death itself.

    Sentenced Until Dying Out

    Misconception of reality,
    which level
    has been reached?
    Disrespect for your equals,
    rules of living forgotten,
    truth left behind,
    human deletes reliability.

    No animal instincts,
    just malevolent acts,
    becoming madness
    and hate for others!

    Arise from veins,
    poisoned roots of behaviour
    annihilate our race,
    destroy the earth!

    No control against them
    deserving death if still alive.
    The path of guideness,
    obstructed by flesh remains.

    Sentenced until dying out!

    Betrayers of Occult Wisdom

    Envenomed clouds,
    course of life altered,
    rain of acid drops
    Burn the flesh
    of the fleshes
    into a dimensional

    Unsaveable beings,
    disrespect thy kingdom,
    shall be extirpated
    from earth
    in an unresting torture,

    Usurped the throne
    of creation,
    ashamed of existance,
    King of all kings

    Recursive cancer
    The great race shall consume
    in the voids time
    terror reins

    betrayers of occult wisdom
    delightful exiled might suffer
    into eternal abyss

    Usurped the throne
    of creation,
    ashamed of existance
    King of all kings


    Surrounded by traps,
    last drop of blood left behind.
    Submitted unconsciously,
    consequence of self betrayal.
    Saturated brain,
    punished by corrupted remains.

    Devoured from within,
    slowly masticated,
    immersed in this war,
    of unhidden weaknesses.

    Pathological eruption
    massively spreaded.
    No health,
    hack streams of creation.
    Release insanity!

    Forver Chaos

    Mental state erradicated.
    Autonomous limbs tormented!
    Abhor time has been released.
    Weak innhabitants self defeated!

    Left to rot,
    swallowed victims,
    ambitious became

    Abhor time has been released.
    Weak innhabitants self defeated!


    Insatiable development hunger
    corrupting life itself.
    Degradation of human kind
    until becoming filth.
    Search aim has been set
    your destruction!

    Created to be useless,
    rusty tool of this machinery.
    Not a failure,
    predesigned to enslave your essence.
    Overwhelmed by madness,
    subliminal consequence.

    Manipulation consumes your being,
    there's a rupture in our codes.
    Abstraction is not our guide,
    facts lead to reality.

    Abominations lead to death!

  • 2017 - Alienated Demons

    Released by Extreme Resurrection Records on tape.
    Limited to 50 copies. Hand-numbered.
    First 20 copies including poster.[sold-out]
    Released by Deathrash Armageddon Records on CD.
    Limited to 1000 copies.[Available]

    1. Schizophreniac
    2. From Oblivion to the Void
    3. Emerging from Waste
    4. Alienated Demons
    5. Unconscious Suicide
    6. Disgusting Ignorance
    7. Terror Reigns
    8. Death Metal to the Grave

  • 2018 - A new beginning... The black shit of uruguayan depths [sold out]

    Released by Locura Recs, SHP, Despreciable Realidad Recs/Fanzine and Extreme Resurrection Records on 7" vinyl.
    Recorded live by Locura Recs at Angkor Vat's reunion show at BJ, Montevideo Uruguay 08.12.2018. Limited to 100 copies. [sold-out]
    1. SIDE A - Angkor Vat - Pray (For your place in hell)
    2. SIDE B - Pheretrum - Alienated Demons

  • 2018 - Beyond the borders of Sanity[sold out]

    Released by Escafismos Recs on tape.
    Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
    Pheretrum tracks traken from a rehearsal pre-Alienated Demons album. Tracklist:
    1. Schizophreniac
    2. From oblivion to the Void
    3. Alienated Demons
    4. Death metal to the Grave

    5. SIDE B - ECTOPLASMA (Gre)
    6. Slain for the Beast
    7. Skeletal life Forms
    8. Awakened in the Coffin

  • 2019 - Inwards Lunacy EP

    Released by Legion of Death 7".
    Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

      SIDE A
    1. Vomit Hatred
    2. Decadence

    3. SIDE B
    4. Seasons of Death
    5. Termination

  • 2019 - Live Alienation

    Released by Despreciable Realidad & Locuras Records on tape
    Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

    1. Schizophreniac
    2. From Oblivion to the Void
    3. Emerging from Waste
    4. Death Metal to the Grave*
    5. Alienated Demons
    6. Unconscious Suicide
    7. Disgusting Ignorance
    8. Terror Reigns

  • Pheretrum - Unconscious Suicide Official Videoclip 2017

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    Saenz Pena M12 S12
    Shangrila, Canelones
    CP 15000

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